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Our company always sticks to the concept of “Quality first ,Service par Mount” ,we have introduced a series of advanced analytic instrument and maintain a regular check up and re-evaluation on the quality control system and testing standard .As a result ,boththe quality control system and professional skill of our Lab inspectors are in continuous improvment .

Professional Team

We have a special quality control unit teamed up by many high quality quality engineers and experienced and senior analytic inspectors ,this unit was under direct management of General Manager ,so that this unit can carry out quality control and evaluation work independently . The company also offer professional skill training for all the staff of this unit on regular basis .

Advanced Instrument

Our QC dept has equipped with a series of advanced analytic testing instrument and conduct calibration regularly .

Complete Management System

We have a complete management system ,we have supervisory control from scratch :Purchasing the raw material ,delivery ,taking in inspection ,loading of material ,production ,testing of final product ,customer feedback . Meanwhile ,we always keep reviewing and updating all kinds of quality management standard ,technical standard ,analytic operation manual .So that the quality can be welll guaranteed in a seamless manner .

Our company have been certificated by ISO9001 quality management system ,IOHSAS18001 vocational health safety management system and ISO14001 environment management system .

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