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Formerly known as 'Shangyu Dereti Yuntao Chemical Co.Ltd (SDY)', Zhejiang Yuntao Biotechnology Co.,Ltd was founded in Dec,2000 In Sep 2005,the company became a Sino-Spanish Joint Venture by joining hand with Deretil S.A. (a subsidiary of Holland Royal DSM Group ) , in May 2012 ,the company repurchased from Deretil it’s entire ownership in SDY and introduced in another shareholder : Huapont Pharmaceutical holding our company’s 30% stake. In Dec 2012 ,the company has finished Shareholding reform and registered with a new company name :Zhejiang Yuntao Biotechnology Co.,Ltd (Under it with a subsidiary company:Dafeng Yuntao Biotechnology Co.Ltd) . The company enjoys an obvious geographic advantage and transportation convenience ,the headquarter is in Hangzhou Gulf Shangyu Industrial park of Zhejiang province (120km from Shanghai and 60km from Ningbo) and the subsidiary is located in the Ocean comprehensive economic development area of Dafeng city ,Jiangsu province (besides the yellow sea ) .

We are mainly specialized in the R&D, production and marketing of a series of medical intermediate ,biopharmacy , and other fine chemical products as well,our main products include :D-Alpha-Phenylglycine Base (5000mt/year) ,D-Dihydro phenylglycine Dane Salt (800mt/year) ,D-Para Hydroxy Phenylglycine Base (PHPG Base) (4000mt/year), PHPG Dane Salt (2000mt/year) , PHPG Methyl Ester (2000mt/year) . We are the biggest producer of D-Alpha-Phenylglycine Base (PG Base) in the world ,with a market share of 50% globally . All of the above products were produced in our two facilities which cover an total area of 200,000m2 , the company enjoy a total fixed asset of 200 millions RMB,and our annual turnover is around 500 millions RMB.

During the Joint-Venture partnership with DSM ,we have diligently studied and bor rowed DSM’s leading concept and standard in Safety and Environmental protection and is vigorously pursueing the same in the actual management, thanks to the above endeavor ,we are managed to have the best performance in safety and environmental protection management within this industry in china . Meanwhile ,in order to comply with chinese government’s increasingly strict requirement for safety and environmental protection ,we are continusouly updating our concept and investing enormously to extensively upgrade the equipment & technology andto build up a competent professional team .. We have explicitly specified our company philosophy ” The competition of enterprise is in essence the competition in safety and environmental protection ,without guarantee in safety and envrionmental protection ,there won’t be brilliant future for the company” .

We have a competent team comprised of efficient management staff ,highly professional technician and skillful production operator . Among our 300 colleagues ,more than 30% is technician and R&D person . We have attached great importance to innovation and development of new product ,and keep expanding in the R&D investment .Recently ,we have successfully developed several new products : D-Para Hydroxy Phenylglycine Methyl Ester, D-Dihydro Phenylglycine Methyl Ester, D-Phenylglycine Methyl Ester ,etc . Our “new synthesis process of D-Phenylgycine” has won the second class award of Zhejiang Province for Scientific achievement .
The company have been certificated by ISO9001 quality management system ,IOHSAS18001 vocational health safety management system and ISO14001 environment management system ,laying down a profound foundation for fast development and being in line with international standard .We have also received many awards from the local government (2003-2012) ,such as :”enterprise with good faith” ,
”Advanced enterprise in Tax Payment”, “Advance Enterprise in Safe Production”, “Company with advanced achievement in environment protection “ ,etc ,and in 2012 ,our company was approved as a “High and New Technology Enterprise at National level ”

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